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New Functions

Module Connection Feature
An combined order to have consecutive activities performed to the same post, to like a post and to like some comments made on this post and reply those or to comment the same post at last.
  • Modules Cohesion Feature1
  • Modules Cohesion Feature2
  • Modules Cohesion Feature3
  • Modules Cohesion Feature4
Instagram Recent Release
The feature allows you to add a location when creating a post.
  • Instagram Recent Release1
Facebook new functions
Set Group Notification, Watch Live, Like the post, Post to groups, Delete post, Save Avatar, Search friend, Tag Message, Comment and etc...
  • Set group notification
  • Watch live
  • Like the post: freely choose the type of like
  • Post to groups: you can choose if uploading multiple pictures at one time.
  • Delete post: custom delete posts by the URL including one's own, group's and home's posts that you have the right to delete.
  • Save Avatar: save friends' avatars
  • Search friend: search friend whose birthday is Today Birthday.
  • Tag Message: select the user''s name to tag specified counts, or directly tag specified counts
  • Comment: Tag friends in comments by entering @.
Instagram new functions
Repost, Send Message By Check, Search Followers, Block User, Home Comment Instagram View Story,Visit Profile,Like Comment,Share to private message,View Story By User
  • Repost
  • Send Message
  • Search Followers: after searching for followers, it will choose to follow those followers or not according to your conditions.
Pinterest new functions
Save Pin
  • Save Pin: save pictures from other websites to Pinterest.
Reddit new function
New account checking function
  • When check the account, check if it is blocked and save information to present on interface.
Added a new website-Quora
This new website has these function:Search Question,Search Answer, Search Answer By Question, Search People, Search Topic, Search Space, Follow,Unfollow, UpVote,DownVote,Comment, Ask Question,Answer Question,Share.
  • Account data statistics
Account data statistics
When clicking a statistical quantity data, all records executed by this function will be displayed, which can be exported and deleted.
  • Account data statistics
  • Account data statistics
Task data statistics
When clicking a statistical quantity data, all records executed by this function will be displayed, which can be exported and deleted.
  • Task data statistics
  • Task data statistics
  • Task data statistics
Create recommendation task quickly
Create task simplification, custom create task template.
  • Invite
Custom Descriptions of Tasks
Now you can add description for your tasks, and later you can manage and know your tasks more clearly.
  • Set task description
  • Show description
Better Task Management Function - Recycle Bin
Recycle bin is a better task management function. Any task deleted will be stored in the recycle bin and can be thoroughly deleted or recovered ( they can be stored at most 7 days in the recycle bin, deleted after 7 days).
  • Recycle Bin
An Unique and Detailed Line Chart
Statistics function can be switched to a line chart to directly show the trend of change of information. The line chart can show the information according to the unit of day, week, month. Select the statistics that you want to know on the right list, then relative information will be shown on the line chart. In addition, more Statistics functions have been added for the Facebook website.
  • Table datas
  • Line chart
More Intelligent Execution Module - "Random Execution"
When use random function, one of the modules in "Random Execution" will be randomly selected, this lets you create more smart tasks.
  • Random Execution
More Convenient Execution Module - "Connect Execution"
All tasks can be connected to be executed and all operations can be executed.
  • Connect Execution1
  • Connect Execution2
More Interface Skins
Renew the interface skin and gain more interface skin selections.
  • More Interface Skins
Custom and Smart Send/Reply Message Function
The function can Send and Reply message base on keywords in coming message, and select the best message you set to reply people's message. All is and smart.
  • Custom Send Massage1
  • Custom Send Massage2
  • Custom Send Massage3
Powerful BlackList Export Function
  • Add the export function of Blacklist1
  • Add the export function of Blacklist2