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Case Study

Connecting Followinglike with SMM Panel to take orders.

If you own a SMM panel, you may need such tool to fill orders automatically.Once you got orders, it will redirect to Followinglike and auto run certain tasks. For example, someone ordered 1000 views from your panel, then Followinglike will receive the requests and fill orders automatically.Below are the most requested orders.

1)Youtube subs, views, likes, comments likes, comment , community likes, dislikes, community comments etc.

2)Facebook page likes, followers, post likes , comment , page review, video views, Live stream views , comment likes, post reacts etc.

3)Insta follower, views, likes, DM, story views etc.

4)Twitter followers , retweet , likes, video views, live stream views etc.

5)Tiktok views, likes, comment

Master Control Program

MCP aims to run millions of accounts from one PC.

On the main PC it will load and distribute all the accounts information to multiple slave servers to interact with the main PC.

You can add 10k Facebook accounts in the main program and assign VPS for each account to run other tasks. Such as send firend request, send message and reply messages